Pond Conversion

 Pond Conversion 
For many people converting an existing pond into a Natural Swimming Pool, seems a logical and simple process, however there are a few things to consider.

Is your existing pond natural or lined? A natural pond is easy to work with as all we do is drain out the water and plants, shape the area into a suitable profile and design, then reline with a TPO liner to prevent any nutrients from the soil getting into the pool and causing algae growth as the pool establishes its ecological equilibrium. Once the pool is lined we install the filter grit and plants within the regeneration zone. If your pond is lined we will need to drain it and in most cases remove the existing liner, ready to reshape the pool profile to integrate a regeneration zone and then reline the pool with new liner as joining old and new liner is extremely unreliable.

Natural ponds are often formed as drainage sites and are either fed from surface water or ground water. Natural swimming pools require a low nutrient supply of water and so the water entering must be strictly controlled to ensure continued and reliable clear algae free water. This means that converting natural ponds can require additional below ground drainage work to remove and control ground and surface water flow.

We always delight in our customers getting the most from our pools and deciding on how you are going to use the pool is very important to our design process. We try to encourage you to make the most of your new natural swimming pool. To do this we often incorporate re landscaping and bold design features to the area around a pool to encourage its integration in to your garden space.

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