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 What does a Natural Swimming Pool Cost? 



Every natural swimming pool is different and so it is very hard to provide fixed prices before we have inspected your site and discussed your individual requirements. However after building so many pools we do have a good idea of the average cost associated with pools within certain sizes.

There are a couple of this to consider when looking at the cost of natural swimming pools compared to chemical pool and large ponds.

Natural swimming pools need very little maintenance to function correctly. They need no chemical dosing, covers or annual draining. Natural swimming pools will provide clean clear water with no additional work as they are designed to clarify the water, however as a result of the biological processes and plankton living in the pool, the bottom and sides of the swimming area of your pool will develop a thin layer of organic debris throughout the summer. Some clients do not even notice this, others find it distracting and so brush the swimming area once every two weeks and hoover the debris out once a month if they want a pristine swimming area. This combined with cutting back the plants during the winter, is the total annual maintenance required.
Natural swimming pools are lined with an extremely durable and strong liner, this provides the waterproofing for the pool rather than the standard solid concrete used for swimming pools. Making the construction much easier and faster than with standard swimming pools.
Digging a hole and lining it is simple and easy, however installing the specialist filtration and water circulation equipment is a skilled job that requires a significant investment in time and materials, to work correctly.

Conversions <100m2

Converting an existing swimming pool can be quick and easy
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DIY Projects 100-300m2

DIY Kits are one way to build your own reliable Biotop pool
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New Pools 100-300m2

Natural Swimming Pools start at around 100m2 and starting from scratch the best way to get the design you have always dreamt of
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